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Here's what people have to say about Steve Harmer's shows!

Program #1: Courage Character and Caring:

“Highly engaging entertainment and a strong educational message! I appreciate the pacing and management of the group. (eg. no excessive clapping, screaming, whistling etc) Also good use of volunteers!”

– Lorelie Brokenshire, J S McCormick School, Lacombe

“Presentation was awesome! Students were all engaged waiting to see what would happen next. An exciting way to learn about courage, character and caring!”

-Char Hanson, LeRoy School, SA

Program #2: Bully Prevention:

“WOW! Absolutely the best presentation I have ever seen! Loved it! Could not believe the live rabbit! Did not expect that at all! Loved the student involvement!”

– Marvalie Ewing, Kindergarten, Darwell School, AB

“This presentation is engaging, uplifting and amazing! The live animals were a stupendous surprise! Thank you for the wonderful presentation!”

– Kristal Saunders, Grasmere School, AB

Program #3: Respect:

“A very excellent and powerful presentation. Your message on respect was extremely well illustrated through your gift of magic. Having 300 students in full attention for I hour is a direct reflection on your ability to connect with them and by showing respect towards them. I liked the way you emphasized how we as adults need to work all the time in showing respect to our colleagues, relationships and students. Thank you!”

– Diana Helgesen, EE Oliver, Fairview

“This was by far the best “respect” presentation I’ve ever attended. Students were so excited and eager to see what would happen next. You are a fabulous presenter! I wish I could have been a teacher in one of your schools when you were principal.”

– Lorraine Kirk, Hazel Cameron, Vulcan

Program #4: 6 Keys to SUCCESS:

“Steve your presentation was terrific! Very entertaining with a super message. You keep getting better and better!

– Rob Boyd, Elk Point Elem, Elk Point AB

“Great way for the students to learn about success!! They remembered the keys because of the way it was presented to them. From the very beginning you grabbed them and pulled them into your show!”

– C. Lawrence, Aspen Grove, Grande Prairie, AB

Program #5: LEADERSHIP:

“Educational, funny, motivational! As an ex-principal, you have covered every aspect very effectively and in a fun manner as well!!”

– Patt Joyah, Mother Mary Greene School, Calgary, AB

“The kids loved your show and were very entertained. I loved it. The staff loved it and some parents who attended loved it. Please come twice a year with different themes.”

– S. Young, Onaway School, Onaway, AB

Program #6: FRIENDSHIP:

“Steve has an amazing personality and the kids totally connect with his positivism, energy and charisma. My kids talk about his presentations for weeks after he leaves. I am grateful for Steve’s leadership.”

– R. Ennest, Holy Cross, Cold Lake, AB

“Message was clear and simple so the kids understood it and could transfer it to their daily lives. We used the terms in the classroom and the kids responded well.”

– A. Gast, Westminster School, Lethbridge, AB

Program #7: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids:

“This program was absolutely outstanding! Clearly Steve is still a teacher. This was positive, professional, entertaining and educational! Handouts appreciated.”

– David George, Principal, Crestwood School, Medicine Hat, AB

“Awesome! Wow! This was a great first week activity. Steve you were amazing. Great crowd control techniques. Our teachers thought it was right on the money.”

– Mike Fritz, Principal, Joseph Welsh Elem, Red Deer, AB

Program #8: Super Kids! Super Heroes!

“Always love watching your presentations! There is a perfect mix of humour, excitement and a strong message intertwined. The entire show kept everyone on the edge of their seats!”

– Leanne Johnson, Holy Cross School, Cold Lake, AB

“Always a class act with a positive and encouraging message for the kids. Having students come up and participate is always a hit! The students were still excited about your show a week later!”

– Joanne Olson, Big Rock School, Okotoks, AB

Program #9: Be a Bucket Filler!

“Fantastic presentation …. Again! I can’t imagine the number of hours that go into preparing this! Excellent student management and thanks for the movement break! We definitely want you back again!”

– Lois Munchinsky, Ecole Olds Elementary, Olds, AB

“Fantastic show Steve! The concept of ‘Filling a Bucket’ was explained very clearly to students and reinforced in exciting ways! Great tricks and student participation to reinforce ideas and learning!

– Shelley Pierlot, Principal, Central Park Elem, Nipawin, SA


“The students truly enjoyed the live animals. They also loved the whole presentation and the pace! They understood many new words and left feeling great! They loved the floating table and wondered ‘How did he do that?’”

– St. Dominic School, Cold Lake, AB

“A real magician! Even makes a white bunny appear! Delightful and entertaining! An engaging way to nurture our core values. It was a powerful presentation that audiences of all ages can enjoy!”

– Laurence Dubois-Jolin, Holy Cross School, Cold Lake, AB

Program #11: Build a Better World

Great presentation. I loved the way the magic tricks were incorporated into the theme. I heard nothing but positive things from the students. Also, I really liked the movement break in the middle of your show.”

– Cheri Lavoie, LeGoff School

“I really loved the whole show from the beginning to the dramatic conclusion and all of it with a message that I can use in my classroom, halls, and playground for the rest of the year. I have no idea how you come up with such meaningful shows all the time. You are incredible! I am sure God guides you. Keep up the great messages.”

– Norma Wright, Holy Cross School

Program #12: Kindness & Gratitude – Your Superpowers

“Steve Harmer’s new Motivational Magic show is hands down a must-see! The theme of his latest show is “Kindness & Gratitude – Your Super Powers” and it left our entire school buzzing throughout the day! In a world that can seem to be so filled with darkness, Steve’s show left our school with burning hearts to go out and paint the world with kindness and gratitude.“

– Joe Marion, Vice Principal, Ecole Notre Dame, Bonnyville

“My grade 1/2 class was totally engaged in the performance! I was amazed how Steve was able to adapt his creative performance to a smaller area and to seven different grade levels instead of one large presentation. Well done!”

– Janet Snydmiller, Ecole Plamondon School, Plamondon

Recommended By Top Experts

“Dear Mr. Harmer, Thank you for coming to teach us about caring, character and courage. My favorite part was when Stew, the rabbit, waved to us. Yours sincerely,”

– Adam, Gr. 4 student

“Thank you for coming to our school. I learned a lot. ‘Dissing’ means disrespecting. Between me and you, I know some tricks myself. I like how you pulled the dead chicken out of the box. That was cool!”

– Gerald, Gr. 4

“Mr Harmer, Thank you for your show. My favorite part was when you put the ballerina costume on my teacher Mr. Hobson. Bye Bye.”

– Cailin, Gr. 5 student

“I thought your show was fantastic. My favorite trick was when you were ripping the paper and Charlie, your dove, came out. It was awesome when you were riding the unicycle. The three lessons on caring character and courage taught me a lot.”

– Hashim, Gr. 5 student

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